Preliminary Site Assessments and Remedial Investigations

The Foundation of Informed Environmental Decision-Making

Bay West provides the critical first steps in the environmental management process through our preliminary assessments and site inspection services. These assessments provide essential information on potential contamination, environmental liabilities, and the overall environmental status of a site. The primary objective of a site assessment is to identify and evaluate potential pathways linking contamination to potential receptors. These receptor pathways may involve groundwater, vapor migration, surface water, or direct human contact with contaminated soil.

As part of the site assessment, Bay West performs four primary tasks:

  • Determine if emergency conditions exist;
  • Review background information to identify potential contaminant sources and other environmental site conditions;
  • Perform well, vapor, surface water, and surface soil receptor surveys; and
  • Perform a subsurface investigation to begin to evaluate the magnitude of impacted soil, groundwater, soil-gas, sediments, building surfaces, and any other potentially impacted media, based upon potential contaminant sources.

If potential pathways exist between the receptors and the contamination, a remedial investigation is required. A remedial investigation involves the following additional activities:

  • Site Investigation and Characterization: We conduct complete detailed and cost-efficient investigations to fully define the extent and magnitude of the contaminants of concern. All investigations are developed for your site’s needs by our team of licensed engineers and scientists.
  • Conceptual Site Modeling: Develop an illustrative model of the existing processes at your site to provide a communication tool for decision-making.
  • Risk Assessments: Assess the potential impact of identified contaminants on human health and the environment, which will define the need for future remediation efforts.

This process is fundamental for making informed decisions regarding remediation efforts. It ensures compliance with environmental regulations and helps in planning mitigation or cleanup activities, ultimately guiding stakeholders towards safer, more informed, and cost-effective project outcomes.

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