Celebrating 50 Years of Environmental Excellence at Bay West LLC – A Letter from the CEO

For five decades, Bay West LLC has been at the forefront of solving our clients’ environmental challenges. Founded in 1974 in Duluth, Minnesota, on the western shore of Lake Superior, we embarked on our journey during an era marked by significant global and cultural milestones. The year saw Gerald Ford ascend to the presidency amidst the Cold War and the oil crisis, while disco began its reign on the dance floors, and fashion trends best left in the past took center stage. It was also a time when the Edmund Fitzgerald graced the waters near our founding city, and environmental legislation like the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was yet to be enacted.

Celebrating 50 Years of Environmental Excellence at Bay West LLC.

A company does not last for 50 years without a solid business foundation, and ours is aligned with the foundation of the environmental movement. From the very start we helped our clients reduce their environmental impact while achieving their business objectives.  Whether responding to spill emergencies, cleaning confined space tanks, packaging and handling hazardous waste, or undertaking soil and groundwater remediation, Bay West has been a reliable partner in environmental excellence.

Our growth from a local firm in Duluth to a national environmental service provider underscores our expanding expertise and commitment to excellence. Our journey has seen us expand our services to federal clients, assisting in the remediation of some of the nation’s most demanding sites. We’ve also responded to a host of challenging emergencies, notably, our response to critical incidents such as the I-35W bridge collapse, and our swift action in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Furthermore, we’ve been instrumental in addressing the aftermath of California wildfires by mitigating asbestos exposure, and we’ve risen to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic with unprecedented levels of cleaning and sanitizing. From machinery and product tank cleaning to comprehensive remediation and more, our services facilitate environmental compliance and operational continuity for businesses and agencies across the nation.

We can investigate the issue, design the solution, and self-perform the remediation. That’s a statement many other firms can’t make.

One thing I am very proud about is that we have such a wide range of employees and capabilities. We have Ph.Ds, professional engineers, professional geologists, superintendents, environmental technicians, and so many more professionals on staff.

It is a privilege to carry the name and reputation of Bay West forward. Honoring that reputation and the 50 year foundation of Bay West is not something I take lightly in my responsibilities. Our growth is guided by our mission, vision, core values, and the Bay West Way of Being, ensuring our steadfast adherence to the principles that have defined our history. Looking forward, we remain committed to addressing contemporary environmental challenges like PFAS, armed with the same dedication to helping our clients navigate their environmental responsibilities while achieving their business objectives.

Here’s to the next 50 years of environmental stewardship, innovation, and success at Bay West LLC. – John Glabach, CEO, PE, PMP



John Glabach, PE, PMP

Chief Executive Officer

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