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Rapid changes in per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) regulations and a quickly evolving state of science and technology has changed environmental controls from definitive lines of assessment to multiple fronts of potential PFAS concerns. For industry and government sites, Bay West is your partner in re-directing the PFAS landscape from the unknown to proper identification of issues, risks, and implementation of solutions. You can look to Bay West for long-term PFAS plume characterization and monitoring in surface water, sediments and soils, and groundwater.

Bay West will evaluate and mitigate your project risks due to our long history of performing on-site treatment and waste management of PFAS. We have conducted groundbreaking research into PFAS destruction, operated the Air Force’s longest running PFAS pump and treatment system, and deployed the first ever passive flux meter measurement to validate the pump and treatment systems of PFAS flux meters. We understand the complexities and have the connections needed to assess PFAS presence or absence, risk, and to remediate PFAS contamination no matter the stage of your project.

Our PFAS-specific services include:

  • Risk Assessment and Regulatory Compliance: Our experts not only are completing human health and ecological risk assessments for every class or type of environmental chemical contaminant, but they are also helping to define the extents of what humans and environmental receptors may be exposed to PFAS and PFAS mixed with other contaminants. This class of chemicals and engineered molecules is like nothing that our industry has previously faced. Thus, we routinely develop robust conceptual site models and exposure assessments.
  • Investigations, Site Characterizations, and Monitoring: Bay West has years of projects and contracts under our belt that define and manage PFAS groundwater plume characterization and monitoring. Groundwater monitoring networks are joined with analytical chemistry and state-of-the-art technologies including airborne and water drones.
    As PFAS was increasingly raised as an area of concern, our experts completed new sampling methodology based on in-field research to determine best PFAS sampling practices and methodologies. Subsequently, Bay West wrote and routinely updates our comprehensive PFAS Sampling Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Remediation, In Situ and Ex Situ: Our clients dealing with PFAS assessment routinely follow up with request for solutions and options, spanning simple to complex PFAS contaminant mixes at multiple sites around the country. We address improved approaches to managing surface and subsurface PFAS issues, including primary, long- and short-chain compounds, and precursors. Bay West’s research is a leader in PFAS destruction, working with a leading technology partner using super critical water oxidation to destroy the carbon-fluorine bonds in short- and long-chain PFAS compounds without media transfer.
  • Industrial Hygiene: Bay West combines conventional industrial hygiene assessments with risk evaluations, providing answers to clients’ questions as to whether PFAS are a risk to potential human receptors.
  • Analytical Chemistry: Our projects include the range of conventional to innovative analyses to best separate non-issues and potential site concerns.
  • Public, Strategic, and Risk Communications: Ever-developing PFAS regulations come with difficult conversations with constituents around these changes and what they mean for your outreach. Bay West has a robust communications team along with industry experts who can assist with your messaging, whether that be through graphics, in-person meetings, social media, web updates, or strategic written materials.
  • Waste Management: Bay West can manage all waste associated with PFAS from generation to the end facility. We will characterize the individual waste stream and find the best disposal option (e.g., stabilization and Subtitle C/D Landfill or as allowed, incineration) while maintaining compliance with state and federal requirements.
  • Environmental Due Diligence and Brownfield Redevelopment: The final rule on two PFAS compounds’ Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) designation has put perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) on equal footing with other hazardous substances under CERCLA/Superfund rules. The designation requires due diligence assessments to evaluate the potential for PFAS use as part of a standard Phase I environmental site assessment. Bay West’s real estate due diligence and brownfield services are here to help you evaluate current and past property uses, including those associated with industries that have been linked to PFAS applications in their processes.

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