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After a petroleum release has been reported, the regulatory agency typically requests a petroleum release investigation which involves collecting soil, groundwater, and soil vapor samples. This is then used to define the extent and magnitude of the release and conduct receptor surveys to determine whether the release poses any risk to nearby homes, wells, lakes, rivers, or utilities. Most petroleum release sites do not require any actual cleanup. Bay West can often get the site closed simply by proving that the release is not a threat to human health or the environment. The majority of the future costs associated with petroleum releases from tanks may be eligible for reimbursement through various state funded programs.

Bay West has been a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) preferred contractor for more than 30 years. We leverage those relationships to discuss each site specifically with the regulatory project manager to identify the most applicable scope of work from the very beginning. This allows for the most efficient and cost effective investigation, saving our clients time and money. Having the regulator involved from the beginning makes applying for reimbursement from the Minnesota Department of Commerce Petrofund program streamlined and straightforward, allowing the responsible party to get their money back as fast as possible.

Bay West is ready to provide:

  • Experienced environmental investigation services specific to petroleum-contaminated sites: We have performed hundreds of petroleum release investigations with regulatory agencies over the past 20 years and are extremely familiar with various regulatory guidelines these investigations are required to follow.
  • Money-saving consulting services: It is possible that you do not need to perform a standard scope of work established by the regulatory agency but instead can perform a non-standard scope of work that requires less drilling and is therefore less expensive. We can help identify the appropriate scope based on your unique site.
  • Reimbursement application preparation: We have decades of experience completing successful state-specific reimbursement applications. We can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

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