Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Systems

Expert Operation and Maintenance by Bay West

Ensuring the seamless operation and maximum efficiency of your remediation system is paramount after making a substantial investment. Bay West specializes in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of various remediation systems nationwide. From air sparge/soil vapor extraction systems to groundwater extraction and treatment systems, we have the technical expertise to optimize performance effectively.

Key elements about O&M that Bay West understands are:

  • Once you have made the significant investment into an active remediation system, it is critical that the system perform as designed. Bay West is currently performing operation and maintenance (O&M) activities on air sparge/soil vapor extraction systems, groundwater extraction and treatment systems, dual-phase extraction systems, free product recovery systems, and in situ bioremediation systems throughout the country. Bay West has a thorough technical understanding of these types of systems, allowing us to optimize system performance more efficiently.
  • Bay West has dedicated and trained treatment system operators who specialize in the operation, maintenance, and optimization of these systems. For example, Bay West has the necessary equipment and expertise to perform O&M activities such as acid treatment of air stripping/tray aeration units, pigging of process lines, shock treatment, and redevelopment of wells.

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