Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO)

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Be prepared for land or on-water petroleum spills with Bay West as your listed Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO). When an oil spill occurs, immediate and decisive action is essential to protect the environment and public health. Our OSRO team is ready to respond to spills across marine and terrestrial settings; our experienced staff, equipped with the latest technologies, are ready to implement the best strategies to contain and clean up oil spills efficiently. From initial assessment to final restoration, our relationship with regulatory agencies and willingness to work with all stakeholders ensures your response is comprehensive and compliant.

Our OSRO services include:

  • Spill Preparedness and Planning: We develop and maintain readiness plans and conduct internal and external equipment deployment training to ensure an efficient and effective response.
  • Containment and Recovery: We have knowledgeable and experienced responders prepared to implement strategies that will minimize environmental damage and reduce overall cleanup costs.
  • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment: Our environmental professionals are trained to quickly identify impacts and develop solutions.
  • Cleanup and Waste Management: We conduct thorough cleanup operations and properly dispose of contaminated materials in accordance with environmental regulations.
  • Restoration and Monitoring: We implement restoration to rehabilitate affected ecosystems and monitor the long term.

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