Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning

Restoring Safe Environments with Professional Facility Decontamination

Bay West offers meticulous facility decontamination services to help ensure health and safety. Contaminants within facilities pose significant health risks and operational challenges, necessitating expert decontamination to safeguard occupants and the environment. Our crews are comprehensively trained to handle a variety of chemicals and environments. Whether the work is indoors, outdoors, elevated or in confined spaces, our staff have the experience to tackle the project. Whether your facility has experienced a hazardous event or requires routine decontamination, our team is equipped to restore safety and compliance efficiently.

Our facility decontamination and decommissioning services include:

  • Waste Management and Disposal: We conduct an initial assessment, manage waste removal, perform industrial cleaning, develop demolition specifications, and oversee the demolition process.
  • Dust Decontamination: We address heavy metals, semiconductors, and combustible dusts to mitigate health risks and ensure a clean environment.
  • Corrosive Material Cleanup: We safely neutralize and remove corrosive substances to prevent damage to facilities and harm to occupants.
  • Oil, Solvent, and Fuel Decontamination: We efficiently clean up spills and contamination from oils, solvents, and fuels to prevent environmental damage and ensure safety.
  • Viscous and Sticky Material Removal: We effectively deal with challenging substances such as tars, creosotes, and resins, ensuring thorough decontamination and disposal.

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