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Agrochemical usage is a cornerstone to our food infrastructure and has been for centuries. This practice has helped shape a reliable booming food structure across the globe. Unfortunately, like many industries, there are unintended consequences. Manufacturing, storage, transportation, distribution, disposal, and/or handling of agrochemicals have resulted in negative impacts to soil, water, and air across the world. A variety of causes can be attributed to these impacts, such as changes in industry standards, a lack of understanding in best management practices, or simply an accident. No matter the reason, Bay West can provide the solution, including emergency response services, comprehensive environmental assessments, thorough investigation, strategic remediation plans, and innovative corrective actions that strive towards a more sustainable and thriving future.

Our agrochemical response services include:

  • Emergency Response: We respond to releases of agrochemicals by securing the site safely and efficiently, identifying and stopping the release point, recovering spilled material, mitigating impacts to soil and/or water, and implementing proper treatment and/or disposal methods. Bay West is well-equipped to respond to spills or other mishaps soon after they happen, with vital equipment centrally located in Minnesota.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Site Assessments: Our agrochemical site assessments include desktop reviews, interviews, and site inspections to identify any potential agrochemical impacts to a property.
  • Investigation & Corrective Action: We conduct site investigations that involve a targeted investigation of a property that has stored, distributed, or used agrochemicals that have potentially released to the environment. These investigations are conducted to determine if a property has been impacted and to what level. Depending on the results of a site investigation, additional steps may be warranted, including site remediation and/or corrective action. Bay West is well-equipped to assist you throughout this process.
  • Regulatory Support and Agricultural Chemical Response & Reimbursement Account (ACRRA): Bay West understands the agrochemical regulatory framework both federally and statewide. In particular, Bay West has a strong working relationship with both the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to help navigate any agrochemical response activities. Additionally, Bay West is well-versed in the ACRRA process and offers reimbursement application preparation and submittal assistance to eligible applicants.

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