Keith Rapp Joins Bay West: A Milestone in Bay West’s Environmental Innovation

Bay West is delighted to welcome Keith Rapp, a nationally recognized bioremediation expert, as our new Senior Hydrogeologist. Keith’s addition to our team is not just an exciting development; it’s a strategic enhancement of our core capabilities in environmental and industrial services. His extensive experience in hydrogeology and a steadfast commitment to innovative environmental solutions pave the way for advanced service delivery to our clients.

Bay West welcomes Keith Rapp as our new Senior Hydrogeologist.

Keith’s professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the field of environmental science, particularly in the realms of groundwater and soil remediation. At Bay West, Keith’s role is pivotal in driving our mission forward: to apply scientific principles and technologies to the restoration of our natural environment. His technical expertise, particularly in bioremediation, enhances our ability to tackle contamination with precision and sustainability at the forefront.

Bioremediation Expertise: Transforming Environmental Remediation

Bioremediation—the process of using biological organisms to neutralize or remove pollution from contaminated sites—stands at the heart of Keith’s technical focus. This approach aligns with Bay West’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices, offering a natural, effective solution to complex contamination issues. Keith’s deep understanding of bioremediation dynamics will enable Bay West to expand its suite of eco-friendly remediation strategies, ensuring that we remain at the industry’s cutting edge. Keith is a boots-on-the-ground guy; for more than two decades he has designed, implemented, and self-performed bioapplications nationwide. For our clients and teaming partners, this means access to a broader range of innovative, scientifically backed solutions tailored to address specific environmental challenges. Keith’s ability to navigate complex remediation projects, combined with his insight into sustainable practices, ensures that our clients benefit from comprehensive, environmentally responsible solutions.

Welcome aboard, Keith! Together, we are poised to make a significant impact on the future of environmental services." - John Glabach, PE, PMP, Bay West CEO

Bioremediation is the process of using biological organisms to neutralize or remove pollution from contaminated sites.

Keith’s arrival marks a notable step forward in our journey to address environmental challenges through advanced, sustainable solutions. He embraces tackling the toughest and most difficult-to-close projects, with a great track record closing those. With Keith on board, we’re already offering our clients a level of broad, sustainable, and cost-effective natural solutions with unmatched expertise and service quality, reinforcing our commitment to environmental integrity.


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