Sediment Sampling and Bathymetry

Dive Deep into Precision Data with Bay West's Sediment Sampling and Bathymetry

Collect your sediment and bathymetry data efficiently and accurately using Bay West’s experienced staff and our wide array of specialized tools. Our team can tackle any of your on-water sampling and bathymetry needs, ranging from collecting cores on our dedicated sediment sampling pontoon vessel to deploying our drone to accurately map recently modified shorelines.

Our sediment sampling and bathymetry data collection services include:

  • Proven sediment sample collection using in-house tools such as ponar dredges, core-tube samplers, Russian peat borers, and bedload traps.
  • Precise bathymetric data collection using our BL700 Transducer paired with a RS2 real-time kinematic Global Positioning System unit for high vertical accuracy in dynamic water bodies, processed with Hydromagic software package.
  • On-water mobilization using various company-owned sampling vessels including our 20-foot pontoon boat with moonpool and support for vibracore technology, our jon boat with sample port, and our mobilize-anywhere Saturn inflatable raft complete with transport wheels and a motor mount.
  • Highly trained staff with extensive boat and trailer training who understand how to safely and efficiently collect and processes sediment samples with a high degree of quality.

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