Feasibility Studies

Paving the Way for Sustainable Success with Expert Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies (FSs) provide the insights needed to assess the viability of a technical approach from an environmental, technical, and financial perspective. Bay West believes that a thorough FS will lead to an economical and effective site remedy.

FS services can range from a desktop alternatives analysis using existing site data through the performance of a field pilot application of a specific remedial technology. By leveraging our FS expertise, our clients can navigate complex environmental issues with confidence, mitigating potential liabilities and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Bay West completes the feasibility studies in the following three phases:

  • Development of alternatives,
  • Screening of alternatives, and
  • Detailed analysis of alternatives.

The development of alternatives phase is performed by reviewing and assembling combinations of technologies, along with the media to which they would be applied, into alternatives that address contamination and the risks posted by it on a site-wide basis. During the screening process, alternatives are analyzed to investigate interactions among media in terms of both technology effectiveness and site-wide protectiveness. The detailed analysis phase involves the refinement and further analysis of alternatives so that decision-makers are provided with sufficient information to compare the effectiveness, implementability, and costs of the various alternatives.

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