Duluth Brownfields Assessment


The city of Duluth partnered with Bay West for limited area-wide Brownfield inventories (AWBIs) across strategic zones within the St. Louis River corridor. Brownfield inventories require the identification, assessment, and documentation of potentially contaminated areas.

Map of the area being inventoried for the city of Duluth, MN.

Project Details

This project covered three key areas within the river corridor, totaling 3,283 acres. These locations, which were earmarked for potential revitalization and reuse, were believed to have development challenges. Under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-funded grant, Bay West reviewed current and historical documentation to identify properties in the study areas that could be considered brownfields. Our approach involved an extensive review of historical documentation, including aerial photographs, fire insurance maps, city directories, and regulatory agency records. We delved into past land uses, activities, and regulatory statuses of properties in each study area.

Our experts also conducted on-ground assessments, performing thorough research to document present property conditions and uses. By employing this thorough strategy, we uncovered properties that could potentially fit into the brownfield category or showed signs of blight, delivering vital foundational data essential for the development community.

The primary objective was to provide the client with essential environmental and development information. These assessments serve as vital resources for informed real estate transfer and development decisions. By compiling detailed historical and present-day data, Bay West facilitated a clearer understanding of the environmental landscapes within these areas, offering a foundation for future revitalization and reuse strategies.

“The Bay West team jumped into this project and obtained the approvals we needed from the MPCA in a manner that was protective for the client. Great job and very enjoyable to work with!”

This project is an example of Bay West’s dedication to leveraging expertise in environmental engineering and remediation to address the complex challenges of urban redevelopment. Through this partnership with the city of Duluth, Bay West continues to contribute to the advancement of sustainable urban planning and development strategies nationwide.


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