Council Bluffs Landfill Excavation


Bay West partnered with Clean Harbors to address environmental and public safety concerns at a former landfill site in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Bay West worked to help remove over 119,000 tons of soil contaminated with asbestos and other hazards. This project ensured the opportunity for safe and sustainable redevelopment of the formerly contaminated site.

Bay West removed over 119,000 tons of contaminated soil at a former landfill site in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Project Details

This project consisted of the removal of hazardous soil, precise backfilling, and reseeding to restore a safe and healthy environment. This excavation, conducted amidst sometimes challenging winter conditions from December through May, set a precedent in our portfolio, showcasing our adaptability and resourcefulness.

Bay West took a comprehensive approach to the removal of site contaminants. Before starting the project, health and safety plans were prepared. Strict adherence to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations and safety protocols were necessary to ensure a controlled and secure work environment. With the use of specialized equipment, including Global Positioning System-equipped excavators, the team efficiently identified and removed contaminated soil within the contracted site. Live monitoring was used to direct each step of the project, with numerous safety measures in place. The well-being of employees and nearby communities was a top priority. To limit any airborne asbestos materials, the soil was wetted and air was continuously monitored to ensure safe air quality levels.

Excavation of contaminated materials reached over 10 feet in depth. Bay West managed waste profiling and disposal protocols by separating contaminated soil into distinct waste streams for landfill acceptance. The removal of hazardous soil and debris culminated in a thorough survey to ensure compliance with removal requirements. Remaining soil was left undisturbed, and covered with clean backfill material, blocking any potential pathways for human contact. The site was reinstated and reseeded for grass cover.

Bay West conducted the excavation from December to May, sometimes in challenging winter conditions.

Through Bay West’s precision-driven solutions, human health exposure were significantly reduced by removing soil contaminated with asbestos and volatile organic compounds. As a result, the client achieved a transformed landscape by laying the groundwork for future development in a safe, compliant environment.

The Council Bluffs project shows our capability to undertake complex projects, prioritize safety, and deliver strong outcomes under challenging conditions.


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