88th Readiness Division Industrial Hygiene


Bay West took on a challenging project with the United States Army Reserves’ 88th Readiness Division, covering 19 states across the upper Midwest and Pacific United States. This project consisted of conducting comprehensive industrial hygiene (IH) assessments over a five-year period, addressing the safety and well-being of personnel across approximately 900 buildings.

Project Details

Bay West took a thorough approach to this project. The first phase required the development of site-specific accident prevention strategies and work plans. Bay West provided in-depth coordination with facility staff to ensure alignment with overall safety objectives and compliance requirements.

Known for its expertise in environmental engineering and industrial solutions, Bay West conducted on-site assessments across various Army Reserve facilities. These assessments were not just routine checks but a deep dive into the operational standards of the facilities. The team reviewed Standard Operating Procedures, undertook lab sampling, and measured air quality and noise levels, ensuring every aspect of industrial hygiene was carefully examined.

As a safety-first and customer-focused service provider, Bay West went beyond mere compliance. Their team provided valuable safety education and expert feedback on current regulations during their site visits. This approach helped in identifying deficiencies and educating the staff on maintaining a safe working environment, elevating the standard of workplace safety across these facilities.

The success is reflected in the positive feedback from clients, who praised Bay West’s commitment and expertise. This comment from a client is one example:

“I just wanted to express that it was such a great pleasure meeting you both and working with you. Thanks for your commitment to this project. I am very grateful to be working with a couple of IH rock stars!!”

Bay West’s project with the 88th Readiness Division stands as a prime example of our company’s ability to handle large-scale, complex projects with precision and care. It underscores Bay West’s role as a leader in environmental solutions, safety, and industrial hygiene, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored services that significantly impact workplace safety and regulatory compliance.


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