Federal Profile

Small Business Enterprise under NAICS 562910 (under 1,000 employees)

Headquartered in Minnesota with 19 work sites nationwide

Currently executing performance-based remediation task orders worth up to $76M

Successfully executed over 200 Department of Defense task orders nationwide worth more than $320M

Active Prime Contracts

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

New England District Small Business (SB) Architecture/Engineering (A/E) Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) W912WJ23D0005 under Mentor-Protégé Hana-Bay West 8(a) Joint Venture (JV)

Mobile District SB MATOC Environmental Remediation Services (ERS) W91278-23-D0008

Mobile District 8(a) MATOC ERS W91278-23-D0016 under Mentor-Protégé Hana-Bay West 8(a) JV

Los Angeles District SB Multiple Environmental Government Acquisition (MEGA) ERS MATOC W912PL-22-D-0002 under Ahtna-Bay West JV

Omaha District Unrestricted MEGA ERS MATOC W9128F-22-D-0011 under CDM-Smith Bay West JV

Omaha District SB MEGA Regional MATOC W9128F-18-D-0029 W9128F-19-D-0015

Omaha District SB MEGA Nationwide MATOC W9128F-18-D-0029 under TLI-Bay West JV

Omaha District SB HTRW/Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) ERS MATOC W9128F-21-D-0010 under Bay West-Ahtna SB JV

Baltimore District SB Multiple Award Military Munitions Services (MAMMS) III MATOC W912DR-21-D-0006 under EA-Bay West JV

Baltimore District SB Multiple Award Environmental Services (MAES) W912DR-19-D-0003

Baltimore District SB AE MATOC W912DR23D0019 under Mentor-Protégé Hana-Bay West 8(a) JV

Huntsville District SB MMRP Environmental Restoration Services Contract (ERSC) MATOC W912DY-20-D-0015

Kansas City District SB Preplaced Remedial Action Contract (PRAC) W912DQ-21-D-3000 under Bay West-Sovereign JV

Kansas City District MEGA SB ERS/Long-Term Response Action (LTRA) W912DQ-21-R-3003

Kansas City District 8a ERSC W91278-20-R-0060 under Hana-Bay West 8(a) JV

Louisville District 8(a) A/E MATOC W912QR-21-D-0010 under Mentor-Protégé Hana- Bay West 8(a) JV

Tulsa District SB MEGA ERSC W912BV-20-D-0020 under Bay West-Trevet JV

US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

USEPA SB Environmental Services & Operations (ESO) SB Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) 2/3, 68HE0-18-D-0017 under PWT-Bay West JV

USEPA SB Remediation Environmental Services (RES) SB CLINs 2/3, 68HERH-19-D-003

US Army Environmental Command (USAEC)

USAEC SB HTRW & MMRP Environmental Remediation Multiple Award (ERMA) II Contract W9124J-18-D-0001

General Services Administration (GSA)

GSA Environmental Schedule Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 899-8

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